Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Help me out guys/Ashes of Adonis

Instead of posting about a well-known band, I decided that today would be all about local bands.  Where I live, the cool thing to do is go to the Championship and see local bands perform.  As I have a lot of friends in bands, I like to go there and buy tickets to support upcoming artists.  So if anybody here has a band they would like people to check out, post it.

This one's going to be anything goes.  I don't care what genre you got, just post it here.  It'll help spread their name out to the public and get them heard.  My brother is even in a band, and he would be able to vouch for the fact that just having their stuff heard helps the band gain fans.  Unfortunately, my brother doesn't have any videos on Youtube, but I will post one of my other friend's music.

They are a metalcore band, so it fits really well with the whole blog.  They are, however, getting much more popular every time they play.  They're band is called Ashes of Adonis, and I'm personally friends with every member besides the bassist.  Listen to their song, which I unfortunately don't know the name of, check out their other videos, add them on Facebook, and just support them in general.  An early fanbase is the key to a band becoming successful.  Just post the name or link of any other local bands that you think should be heard.


  1. not many local bands out here unfortunately - would love to go see some concerts from time to time

  2. There arn't any local band si would recommend :/

    Those guys sound pretty good though

  3. rad band. supporting your local scene is very important. how else would new talent get discovered?

  4. I would say dinner at dahmers but they broke up.