Sunday, September 26, 2010


Now, you're thinking to yourself, what kind of blog is this if it doesn't feature August Burns Red? Well, you're terribly mistaken. This is that post.

As most of you know, a large number of good metalcore bands come from mainly the northeastern states. This is nice for me because I live in that area, and I have friends in bands that are now becoming quite famous. Of these bands is August Burns Red (no I don't mean I have friends in the band, but I do have a friend whose cousin's friend is the drummer of ABR). They hail from Lancaster, PA, so they are within an hour of my house.

Since their release of Thrill Seeker in 2005, they have been shaping the very face of the metalcore scene as we know it. They're a perfect ratio of one part metalcore, one part progressive, and one part faith in God. I've seen people who hated screaming music get erections over their songs. The song that I would have to say has led to the most premature ejaculations however is Composure, so that will be the song for today. So just remember, you've got your whole life to lead, and it's time to gain some ground.


  1. Sounds good man. First time hearing about these guys.

  2. It remembers me to atreyu, really good band

  3. your text is a little hard to read, but it goes well with the metal theme lol