Thursday, October 7, 2010

Abandon All Ships

Hmm... It's been awhile, and what better band to get me back in the mood than Abandon All Ships? Their another metalcore/post-hardcore/techno combination (or better known as synthcore, as their Wikipedia puts it), but they're one of the best at it.

The band hails from Toronto, Ontario, and they formed in 2006. They unfortunately have only one studio album, titled Geeving. It's pretty damn good, however. Oddly enough, they started out playing Norma Jean covers, according to their Wikipedia, but I'm not sure if its the metalcore band Norma Jean, or Norma Jean the country singer that they're referring to, or possibly the circus elephant buried in Illinois. I'll just leave it a mystery.

As they don't have much to pick from, I'm going to have to go with their song Megawacko, as it is one of my favorites of theirs. Happy travels.


  1. Saved for the drive I've got tomorrow, thanks!

  2. makes me jump around and scream ! :D
    love it !

  3. Nice, I remember seeing these guys live in 2008. They are pretty good

  4. i never knew ronnie mc dee was a rapper...

  5. thanks for the heads up on these guys, im into norma jean, so i'll definitely check them out